Freelance Writing Formula

The backstory

It was the summer of 2010, and I was living in India, in a dusty little flat in New Delhi, freelancing.

I was living, before it became a coined term, a 'digital nomad's' life. 

I had no boss, no office to clock into, no probation periods, no HR assessment meetings, no annual performance reviews, no 15 days holiday a year.

I could go where I wanted, when I wanted.

I could where pyjamas till noon and drink on a Tuesday.

I smiled a lot.

I did have rats. 

And a nearly worrying cholesterol problem (damn that delicious ghee). 


I was living the way I wanted to live. 

I was traveling. 

I was writing. 

And I was getting paid good sums of money by British and American magazines, newspapers and websites to keep doing exactly that.


I'd figured out a formula for conceiving, pitching and selling freelance stories to publications around the world that worked.

The formula

Now, I call this a 'formula' today, because it encapsulates the method behind most successful freelancers. 

Back then though it wasn't anything nearly so deliberate.

I stumbled into this method (or formula) and was simply happy to have somehow found some success as a freelancer.

But since then I've been able to dissect and analyse this method, formularise it, and present it for others. 

And don't worry, I'm not going to make you scroll through another 2,000 words of my drivel before I show it to you. 

Here it is:



Some details

Doesn't look too complicated right?


It makes total sense. 

But the secret to making this freelancing formula work for you, is to get inside each of those elements.

Each part of the formula above has its own formula - its own method for ensuring your success as a freelance writer.

That's what I've spent the last 12 months working on and why this project exists.

I've broken down each element of the formula into its smallest component parts, to create a DNA blueprint of this freelancing method.


You don't need, nor should you want, to work through hours and hours of video how-tos or PDF manuals on basic aspects of writing and freelancing. 

I've condensed the course into a series of must-know lessons, paying particular attention to the sell. 

If you can sell well, you'll have no trouble making a good living as a freelance writer. 

Why me?

So why do I think I'm the guy who can help you out? 

Well, the key thing that makes this course unique, is that it's been created and designed by someone with extensive experience as both a freelancer and a commissioning editor. 

For the last 10 years I've been buying, and binning, stories from freelancers on a daily basis as an editor at CNN, LE PAN and Discovery. 

Using that knowledge from the editor's side of the desk, I've sold stories into various high profile publications including CNN, The Independent, Travel + Leisure, SCMP, AFP, Condé Nast, The Daily Mail, GQ and more.

I've worked on print and digital across a variety of publications that have differing policies and protocols when it comes to assigning freelancers - and I can reveal the details on all of them.

I've authored two books about pitching and writing freelance stories. 

There are a lot of good books out there about freelancing, but they're all written by freelancers. 

What you really need is to get that information straight from the horse's mouth. 

That's my USP - I'm telling you not just how I sell freelance articles, but also, far more importantly, what goes through my head when I BUY them. 

I've bought, I estimate, close to 1,500 freelance articles over the years, spending upwards of US$500,000 on those stories. 

That's a lot of bad ideas, terrible pitches and indecipherable emails, as well as a few glowing gems among them. 

This course lays it all out transparently, honestly and with blueprints to follow to make sure you give yourself the best chance of making that sale, and living the freelance life.

Do you want to take that leap yourself too? You know what to do ...